21 February 2011

Taking February off from blogging

There has been so much inspiration and thoughts and examples and just plain overwhelming information that I have swum through lately that I decided I'm going to take off this month from blogging.  Not getting any comments on my last post made me realize that I was losing my focus on why I blog, for one thing, and I am also still figuring out what I'm doing this year.

I have made great strides though, by no means is this a bemoaning of losing my way . . . but I need some space to think and not get caught up on the conveyor belt for a little while.  Just the process of taking pictures, uploading them to the computer, running them through a quick edit, uploading to Blogger, then writing the post . . . that takes up all the time I have sometimes.  Right now I need to DO things, and the picture-taking needs to wait a while.

I do miss my blog and putting my thoughts down about what I'm working on and doing.  I think that when I come back in March that I'll be able to focus more on why I'm making the things I do and go a little deeper with my entries, and that is one of my objectives for this year.