14 March 2012

Too drained for anything but a tag

Towards the end of the afternoon I tried to get going on making boards for a book, but I realized that I just didn't have the oomph to do it.  (Of course, I knew that I'm going out of town tomorrow with the kids for a couple of days, plus it was going to be time to fix dinner within two hours . . . I'm sure that knowledge contributed.)

Instead I decided to mess around with a stamp I got from Alpha Stamps for $0.99 yesterday.  The stamp impression was done with Ranger Archival Green ink on a white tag, and then I used Distress Inks in Evergreen Bough, Forest Moss, and Bundled Sage.  The Forest Moss had gone on a bit strong, so I sprinkled water over the tag to mottle the surface and then wiped it off after a few seconds.  After that I grabbed a 7gypsies Conservatory moth stamp and dotted it around with Distress Forest Moss ink.

One of the moths I stamped going the wrong way (should have had it pointing down instead of up), so I needed to obscure it with something.  I had some self-adhesive crystals from a previous project in my drawer, so I put some of those around in a couple of places.

I used Prismacolor pencils smudged with a tortillon on the stamp itself to highlight the woman & her robes, the tree trunks, and the border.

Finally, I added a wire-edged ribbon embellished with a Trinkette, an emerald crystal on a pin, and a large circle bead.  [And about 30 minutes after posting this entry, I decided the really final touch would be a quick spritz of my new Perfect Pearls Biscotti Mist to add some shimmer onto the tag itself.]

It's nothing to write home about really, but it was fun and I like all the greens--must have been inspired by all the springtime things I have been reading about the last few days.

Sunday afternoon

I did this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it, apparently.  Can't imagine how that happened!  Ha.

upper right corner (Dremel)
This was just for fun on a Sunday afternoon--nothing serious and playing around with something new.  I believe this was one of the first projects in Flavors for Mixed Media, but I combined techniques from this one and a later one.  It's done on two Claybord panels with NO PAINT.
mountain lines done with knife blade

First I made various marks in the clay surface with my Scratchbord knife and my Dremel tool with a couple of different attachments.  I think then I rubbed soft pastels into different parts of the boards and fixed them by applying gel medium over the top.  After that, I added more shading & depth of color with oil pastels.
deep gouges made with Dremel
(kind of on accident but it worked okay)
It was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.  I like the grid layout and plan to use that more often.