28 September 2008

15 July 2008

Today Joy, Brian, and I took the kids on the train to Southend. It was fine but not terribly exciting for me until I realized the tide had gone out—a lot—and that I ought to be able to get tons of seashells out there. Oh I had fun squelching around in the mud and found lots of pretty or interesting things to boot. The first “seashell” I picked up was still in use by its owner! A little “foot” was sticking out but pulled back in quickly. We saw lots of crabs scurrying about. And I didn’t know things grew into clamshells—other shells, snails, etc. They are a work of collage all by themselves!

At Clacton the rocks I found most of that appealed to me were white, but today at Southend it was black ones. I found lots that had a deep rich hue and nice shapes with a flat surface. Now to think what to do with them.

Would like to try Opalite inkpads on them to see if they work on rock. Could make some sets with Celtic or Mexican small stamps and use as wine charms? Have to be small rocks for that, or padded on bottom. Would need to write up a small card (find those recipe cards I got for Joy & Brian a long time ago) noting source of stones and then brief description of symbols on them.

I’ll keep exploring what I like about them, and that will help me find out what to do with them.

NOTE: challenges this week from sites are “let’s have tea” and “foggy”.