30 September 2008

"Water" Challenge Final Result

Late last week I finished my water challenge pieces. Originally I intended for the two to be one--I was going to have the glass slides hanging down from the canvas--but that didn't seem to work. I think if the canvas had been larger it would have been all right, but it was too small to support three. Going on the premise that sometimes one has to be ruthless and jettison one's favorite thing (advice from writing class in college), I pulled the slides out completely and made them their own piece.

Much to my surprise, I have to say I'm really pleased. It's a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Here were some of my musings when I was contemplating having words on the piece:

Lifting us up
     Carrying us along
Rhythmic waves
Motion and complete stillness
Our beginning
     Somehow we recognize this
     deep inside
     Utter peacefulness
     Deep calm
Best when the sun shines
     Thousands of tiny mirrors