04 November 2010

3 November: Wrapping Up a Project

I believe I can say with some certainty that I am close to wrapping up my holiday card-making project for 2010.  Unfortunately I didn't get this up yesterday, but hopefully the arrival of my mom is a valid excuse for missing my post!  She's here for only a few days, and the kids were excited for her to be here, dinner was more of an affair than normal, and so on.

Indulging myself with the holiday cards has been enjoyable.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, hands down, even when I was a kid.  The way the house is transformed with the festive decorations, the getting of and decorating of a tree (always a real one), the colors of the wrapping paper on the presents, the songs . . . I just love it all.

So it's been fun to play with the different papers, colors, and embellishments this year, but next year it will be different.  (Isn't that always what people say?)  Possibly what I'll do is decorate large sheets of paper to use as base panels on cards, and then  . . . hmm, I'm not sure what then.  Will ponder that one some more.

What I'm aiming for is a way to keep pushing myself to let a little of myself into what I'm doing so that my cards are truly unique--and not have the process take so long.  There are books I want to make, that I have wanted to make since my trip to Houston the first week of August, and I just haven't had a chance.

Not that I regret this, at all, but I do hope to streamline the process next year, and that's only going to happen by thinking and planning now while it's all fresh in my head.