13 February 2012

One caterpillar stitch completed!

Front of book with first
caterpillar stitching completed
Well, I must say that I am quite delighted!  I do not know what I thought would be so hard about this.  Maybe I am just getting better at following directions--although this was way easier than following those horrible little diagrams for Coptic stitch.

Spine of book showing signatures
attached with caterpillar stitching

The marvelous person who told me a couple of days ago that you just keep on doing what you were doing on the cover when you get to attaching the signatures couldn't have phrased it more perfectly.  And as the images show, that worked a treat.

Back cover of book showing tail end of caterpillar stitching

Possibly the only issue I am going to have is that, as usual, I may have used too much tension.  That is always my problem, it seems.  Ah well.

Inside front cover showing ladder rung pattern
of caterpillar stitch, just like it's supposed to!

I would like to do this in a different color next time.  Having done it with black thread, it does appear that a long bug has crawled on top of my book :-).